Best of the Best

The Best Regional Orthopaedics Papers

Training Program Director across the UK submit the best paper from their region to be presented at the BOA Annual Congress.

The Selection 

The 'Best of the Best' candidates are selected every year from each region as the best paper/piece of original research.

Each paper is usually selected at Annual Deanery T&O Research Days round the country, where papers are marked by local consultants and invited judges. Therefore, it really is the best of the best!

The research is limited to trainees' research done in 'normal' training time and not done during OOPR. The research topics can be very diverse but must be related in some way to T&O.

The trainee must be a T&O ST3-8 and be available to present their research in person at the BOA Annual Congress.

The Annual Congress

With all the award-winning papers of each UK Deanery and the Military Deanery, in one place, your esnsured a really exciting and high-quality Best of the Best Session

The marking is done by the TPDs present at Congress and the winner is awarded the prize during the Awards and Medal ceremony at the Annual Congress.

To win the overall best of the best paper is a tremendous accolade.

For further details on the Best of the Best Session, please do not hesitate to contact the BOA Events Team via [email protected]